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Business Process Management Consultant

The Thurman Group is dedicated to helping its clients obtain positive, sustainable change. We accomplish our goals by utilizing the skills of a unique group of seasoned professionals in the fields of organizational and leadership development, executive coaching, strategic planning, and operational execution. Our group sets the bar high, and we seek to work with companies who share our commitment to strive for excellence.

Companies grow and evolve as they mature. The Thurman Group helps to guide organizations through the process of change by sharing expertise and tools necessary to make successful transitions. Companies that are not able to successfully navigate their way though change lose market share, become candidates for take-over, or go out of business. The Thurman Group coaches the key players in organizations, helping them to become leaders rather than just exemplary managers.

We recognize that to achieve our goals, we need to network with the companies and people that have a passion for success and are willing to achieve their goals. The Thurman Group would like to partner with your company to help you create the most profitable, flexible, sustainable, and supportive organization possible.

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