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Organizational Structures and Business Modeling

A business model is a conceptual tool that contains a big set of elements and their relationships and allows expressing the business logic of a specific firm. It is a description of the value a company offers to one or several segments of customers and of the architecture of the firm and its network of partners for creating, marketing, and delivering this value and relationship capital, to generate profitable and sustainable revenue streams. Thurman Group enables you to understand your organization better and helps you define your role through a broader perspective.

We help professionals identify the core competencies and capabilities of their organizations necessary to execute a company’s business model. We help you identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and refine your goals in order to take your business to the next level.

Our team of experts helps you identify the target market, technology, offerings, growth and profitability. Your goals soon become realistic and achievable. We drive quality and consistency at the same time. Based on in depth analysis, statistics, growth pattern and efficiency we help improve the managerial skills and leadership qualities of your employees by incorporating best practices and effective philosophies.

Thurman Group is backed by a professional team of coaches that guide and train your employees bringing out the best in each of them and helping take your organization to a broader realm.

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