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Sales Leadership Training

Thurman Group is a leading provider of innovative sales leadership training to assure maximum growth of your organization. Our exclusive sales leadership training programme lays emphasis on molding sales pitches, reasoning and negotiating in the arena. We impart advanced training to professionals enabling them to meet and exceed the company’s revenue goals taking the business towards the pinnacle of success.

Our team of specialized coaches helps execute sales management skills to reinforce customer centricity and credibility. We impart training based on proven methodology and empower your leadership team to implement the latest strategies to support the sales process in the long run. We also infuse knowledge and skills necessary to proactively reinforce the behaviors that will maximize the benefits your organization is likely to receive.

Thurman Group offers innovative sales leadership training which enables the management to apply consistent criteria across the sales organization, document important conversations and activities for future reference and measure the progress of sales during the process. Based on your organization’s needs we impart high level skill to your managers along with concepts and activities that will help them address people oriented issues as well as process issues in order to achieve their goals.

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