The Executive Coaching Organizational and Leadership Development


The Thurman Group offers comprehensive organizational development service, beginning with a complete assessment of the character and life cycle of your organization. Using the Organizational Character Index and Life Cycle Assessment Survey©, we create a picture of where your company is today and an image of its probable future. These assessment tools enable us to match your organization with the professional who will best meet your unique needs. Following is a list of services that our company provides:

Strategic Organizational Development – our extensive executive experience enables us to help you understand where your company is today, and where it needs to be tomorrow. If your organization is not moving forward, it will quickly begin sliding backwards. Taking any organization to the next level requires planning, understanding and knowledge of individual strengths and weaknesses. The Thurman Group can provide your company with a candid assessment of your company’s personnel, infrastructure and processes that will help you to create a road map to next level.

Executive Search – we provide retained executive searches; our service includes three months of coaching for the new executive to insure a smooth and powerful transition. The intimate understanding of your organization gained via the organizational assessment enables us to find the right person for the job, and give the newly hired executive a head start on the path to success.

Executive Coaching – we provide your executives with an objective, unbiased professional who will help them to focus, reflect, brainstorm, reality-check, goal- set, and stay accountable to themselves and their organization. Every executive needs someone to help them understand what is going on within their environment. Thurman Group will match one of our trained and experienced coaches to the unique needs of your executives.

Executive Team Coaching – are your key executives working as productively as they can? We tailor a program based on our organizational assessment that will teach your executives how to coach each other in order to be more focused, strategic, and accountable.

Conflict Management – we provide a program that will help you to create an environment that embraces conflict in a manner that forges creativity and progress. Conflict can have positive results! The Thurman Group can help you to understand the conflicts in your organization. Armed with this understanding, we can help you to build a conflict management system that will enable your company to grow stronger.

Group and Meeting Facilitation – facilitation is an art that allows participants to have clear and focused discussions. The Thurman Group offers facilitation services, and further, offers coaching services designed to enable your executives to skillfully facilitate all manner of meetings.

Leadership Development – The Thurman Group partners with Mariposa Leadership, Inc. to provide your organization with one of the finest leadership development program offered. Many executives have landed their positions as a result of their superior technical skills. Our leadership development program will enable your organization to transition valued managers into successful executive leaders.

Seminars and Retreats – The Thurman Group, Inner Power International, and Mariposa teams together to provide seminars and retreats geared to sharing leadership and management skills and tools that really work. Our retreats and seminars utilize a rigorous format tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of your team. We follow up retreats and seminars with one on one coaching sessions designed to ensure that what was learned at the retreat is actually put to use by your executives.

Hawaii Retreat – Thurman Group, Inner Power International, and Mariposa provide a high-end, off campus retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. Experience shows that removing your team from their day-to-day environment is the best way to introduce new ideas. The Big Island provides the dramatic backdrop of an active volcano located in the middle of an ocean; the environment is highly conducive to break-out thinking. The amenities your executives are accustomed to are also available. Strategic planning, market assessments, mission and vision statements, team building, and leadership training are just some of the retreat models we offer.

Contact Mark Thuman at (925) 766-4139 for details and scheduling.

Monthly Training Topics- The Thurman Group and Mariposa offer monthly leadership topics that address specific executive skill building. The monthly discussions are offered in several formats, including face to face chats, phone or online interviews.